Lou Hamilton is the Creative Director of Podstar. She is a podcaster, artist  and filmmaker passionate about podcasts, connecting interesting people & giving you a voice.


Lou is the author of two books: Brave New Girl – How to be Fearless and the self-coaching book FEARLESS. She is the co-founder of the eco-apparel brand Brave New You and the host of Brave New You TRIBE podcast.

Her background is in documentary filmmaking so storytelling and interviewing people in a way that they feel comfortable in sharing their tales, is her specific area of expertise. Her mission is to fill the airwaves with powerful voices that inspire, encourage and empower others, in order to create a better, more equitable, and humanitarian world.

Lou’s Backstory

Many moons ago when Lou was thirty she sent out 400 postcards to women asking them what they wanted to say but hadn’t felt able to. From these responses Lou & her co-founder of the art-for-change company Slow Bite created a performance at the Union Chapel, Islington, projecting the women’s words through video mouths on giant screens, accompanied by local women’s groups singing, dancing and performing the spoken word to a packed house. This was pre-internet, pre-social media and pre-podcasts.

Ten years later, YouTube was a thing and Lou formed a monthly women in business group, with an invited speaker, and Lou made a short film for each of the speakers’ websites and loaded them onto Youtube. These were branded documentaries that gave the woman founder a chance to share her story visually as well as through words.

Now Lou is the podcast host of Brave New You Tribe 

However, because she can only interview 52 women a year for her podcast, Lou decided to create Podstar PR – The Podcast Guest Agency to help more people who want to positively impact the world, by guesting them on multiple podcasts globally. If you have a message, mission or brand you want to share, please get in contact

Lou & Emily on screen

In a world of white noise be the colour